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sparhawk56's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 118 (From 22 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,260 Points

Another Small Favor

A Small Stitch Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Help the town tailor find a green, furry shawl.
Flower Power Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Find medicinal blue flowers for the good doctor
Hunt the Hunter Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Eliminate the Pig Hunter
Spider Slayer Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Kill a spider, save a kitty.
Another Small Favor Unlocked 11/10/09
100 Points
Accomplish your mission to find a new identity.

Medals Earned: 5/5 (200/200 points)


Devil of Ski Free Unlocked 1/4/11
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Merit Badge Unlocked 1/4/11
10 Points
Find the camp.
Bear it all Unlocked 1/4/11
25 Points
Get a career.
Look Down on Me Unlocked 1/4/11
25 Points
Find the secret temple.
StarBound Unlocked 1/4/11
25 Points
Find the rocket ship.

Medals Earned: 5/5 (90/90 points)

Castle Crashing the Beard

Whiskered Away Unlocked 11/21/10
5 Points
Level Up once.
Fabulous! 25 Points Reach the maxed out level.
Graven Image 25 Points Win without hitting a gravestone.
Power Razor 25 Points Win without losing a life.
The Fast and the Furriest 25 Points Defeat The Beard in less than 4 minutes (8160 frames)
Beat to a Fulp 50 Points Defeat The Beard

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/155 points)


Guardians Unlocked 10/9/09
5 Points
Defeat the Footie Twins
Heavy Weapons 5 Points Defeat Battbot
Monkey Biz 5 Points Defeat Ootkey
Bad Transit 10 Points Defeat TRN-1
Freeroes 25 Points Get Secret Ending
Kaminari Ninja 25 Points Defeat Raijinmaru
Patricide 25 Points Defeat creator of Dadgame
Story Easy 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Easy, Normal, or Hard
Story Hard 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Hard
Story Normal 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Normal or Hard
WSW Tribute 25 Points Defeat Final Weapon
Cheating Death 50 Points Defeat Mecha-Death
Debugger 50 Points Defeat Phantom
Presto! 50 Points Beat Boss Battles on HARD
Tower Offender 50 Points Beat Tower of Destiny on HARD
Dadgamer 100 Points 100% Completion

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/500 points)

Dragon Boy

Stone Flinger Unlocked 11/12/09
10 Points
Slay Goliath
Big Foot Unlocked 11/12/09
25 Points
Find a rare item.
Enter the Dragon Unlocked 11/12/09
50 Points
Raise a full-grown dragon.
Dragon Master Unlocked 11/14/09
100 Points
Defeat the game!
Merlin's Apprentice 50 Points Max our your magic abilities.
Dragon Lord 100 Points Defeat Hard Mode!

Medals Earned: 4/6 (185/335 points)

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Kitten Kart Unlocked 10/9/09
10 Points
Destroy the cat's mobile fortress.
Battle Cat 10 Points Bring NoLegs to the battlefield.
Giga Golem 10 Points Master the elements.
Guardian 10 Points Smash up an elite sentry.
Invincible 10 Points Survive with 1HP remaining.
Max Radiation 10 Points Fire the Ion Cannon for the first time.
Minigamer 1 10 Points Get 5000 points in part one.
Minigamer 2 10 Points Get 6000 points in part two.
Noob 10 Points Kill yourself.
Oblivion 10 Points Swept away by waves of fire.
Sand Worm 10 Points Eat worms for breakfast.
Zombie Hydra 10 Points Slay the undead dragon.
Middle Tier 25 Points Beat the game on Normal Difficulty.
Minigamer 3 25 Points Get 10,000 points in survival.
Sword Master 25 Points Try out all swords.
Beast Master 50 Points Complete the bestiary by scanning all foes.
Leet Tier 50 Points Beat the game on Hard Difficulty.
Overkill 50 Points Hit the damage limit of 99999.
Valkyrie 50 Points Defeat the final boss and save the world.
God Tier 100 Points Beat the game on Epic Difficulty.

Medals Earned: 1/20 (10/495 points)

Gretel and Hansel

Baby Steps Unlocked 11/8/09
5 Points
Make Gretel walk for the first time.
Slingshot Breakfast Unlocked 11/8/09
5 Points
Obtain the slingshot
Bitch Slap Unlocked 11/8/09
10 Points
Shoot mom in the face
Honey Horror Unlocked 11/8/09
10 Points
Get Bee Death
Sucked Dry Unlocked 11/8/09
10 Points
Get Spider Death
Time is Running Out Unlocked 11/8/09
10 Points
Get the clock
Here is Mommy! Unlocked 11/8/09
25 Points
Get Axe Death
Kain Unlocked 11/8/09
25 Points
Kill Hansel
Kiss That Cyuke Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Get Rabbit Death
Pecking Order Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Get Crow Death
Pest Removal Unlocked 11/8/09
25 Points
Trap the squirrel
The Flamer Unlocked 11/9/09
25 Points
Get Fire Death
Clockspert Unlocked 11/8/09
50 Points
Solve clock puzzle
Get Stoned Unlocked 11/8/09
50 Points
Get all 10 stones
Pop, Rock and Drop It Unlocked 11/9/09
50 Points
Drop all ten stones
Electra Complex 25 Points Get Dad Carriage Death
Gretel Unit 25 Points Take 200 shots with the slingshot
Grimm Master 100 Points Get all 10 deaths

Medals Earned: 15/18 (350/500 points)

Gretel and Hansel Part 2

Between a Rock and a Hard Rock Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Get crushed
Big Brother Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Rescue Gretel
Frosty Impaler Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Be too greedy
Got Wood? Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Suffer the stickman's wrath
Gut Busting Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Step on the trap
Saviour Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Keep both dinner guests alive
Sensory Overload Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Reveal the bridge
Slayer Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Slay the beast
Spiked Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Get the pit death
Ssssssurprise! Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Try and cross the swamp without Hansel
Swan Dive Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Go for a swim
Weather Master Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Solve the weather puzzle
Where's My Arm? Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Pet the teddy
Your Head Essplode! Unlocked 10/10/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
A Trusty Hat Unlocked 10/10/10
10 Points
Give Rufus back his hat
A Woman's Tears Unlocked 10/10/10
10 Points
Free Emma
Till Part 3... Unlocked 10/10/10
10 Points
Complete the game
Bad Doggy 5 Points Race the wolf... and lose
Free Bird 5 Points Teach hansel how to fly
Here Doggy! 5 Points Give a dog a bone
Metal Meal 5 Points Get Hansel to eat the scissors
Never Hit an Old Man 5 Points Disrespect your elders
Revenge 5 Points Beat a dead horse
Snip Snip 5 Points Get cut
Grimm Master 2 25 Points Beat the game after getting all the deaths
Birdie Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Headless Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Liberal Animation Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Sorceress Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Holy Shhhhhh Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 17/30 (100/190 points)

LARRY: Doug-Out

Maxed Weapons Unlocked 5/12/10
10 Points
Max upgrades in weapons.
Bloody Doug Unlocked 5/12/10
25 Points
Beat doug to his bloodiest.
Endurance Master Unlocked 5/12/10
50 Points
Last up to day 15.
Best Quality In Town 10 Points Max upgrades in ale quality.
Perfect Run 25 Points Beat a level past day 5 without losing any ale from doug.
Maxed Money 50 Points Earn over $2000 in one day.
Massive Score 100 Points Reach a score of 1 million

Medals Earned: 3/7 (85/270 points)

Madness Accelerant

Facerape Unlocked 10/9/09
10 Points
Let out all your aggression.
A WINNER IS YOU Unlocked 10/1/09
25 Points
Beat the game.
True Face of Evil Unlocked 10/1/09
25 Points
Reveal the true face of evil!
Pacifist 25 Points Be kind to those less fortunate than yourself.
Madness Mode 50 Points Defeat Madness Mode!

Medals Earned: 3/5 (60/135 points)